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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Fashion - from mass production to custom-made!

via Climate Articles

(M= Maria,P=Pakho)
M: Do you always “redesign” your old clothes to give them new styles?P: Being an artist, I always need to attend different social and public events, and therefore, I have a high demand for various kinds of fashion. However, I haven’t wasted much of my money on buying new clothes since I joined the showbiz.
I wear clothes that I previously bought and try to redesign some of the old ones to give them a new look! Like this pair of canvas shoes, without the studs, it is just a normal pair of shoes. By using my little creativity and some studs bought from Sham Shui Po, it become much more fashionable and can even be worn on stage! (Pakho also shares
his ways in making this pair of shoes in another interview, please click here to check out more!)

M: Do you think you are being environmental friendly in your daily life?P: I am quite conscious on the way that I live. For instance, after knowing the livestock industry has high carbon emissions, I have started to eat less meat and more vegetable, which in turn helped me discovered several appetizing vegetarian restaurants! Haha!
M: That’s why I think in the showbiz, you are one of whom I will regard as an “Environmental-conscious Singer”!P: Perhaps it’s because I am a keen web-surfer. I can learn many new things on the web, including environmental issues. Like what I have said before, the knowledge about the livestock industries was also picked up from the web. When I go shopping, I will also bring my own shopping bag! I have used my big canvas bag for many years. It’s functional and stylish!
Lots of compliments will be received if you are fashionable. However, it will be rare and commendable if you are able to wear smart while spreading messages through the way you dress! Not only Pakho, Amis Camerom (wife of the director James Cameron), also wore her
green dress on Oscar’s red carpet, making an excellent demonstration on how Eco-fashion can make a decent display in grand occasions.
I wish you all can pay more attention to our planet after realizing the meaning behind Eco-fashion!

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