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Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup For Girls

Now is reading something about Girls of reasons to learn to love football.

Here quoted some points from Glamour Blog which is so interesting...

'loves the World Cup because 'it's a kind of social phenomenon. It brings people together at lunchtime, at work. You're sharing the excitement of supporting the team, and it's really quite an ecstatic feeling.'

'if you don't care that much about the score, 'There's a lot of sexy men on show,'

'In terms of women who don't usually enjoy football - stop being such killjoys and get into the spirit of things. It's only once every four years.'

'If you REALLY can't enjoy the fun - use the match to do something YOU enjoy,'

'You don't need a man to have fun, surely? Go see SATC2, get a mani, read, go shopping - consider it quality boy-free time!'

By the ways, I love watching football games and support my teams to win every games, and enjoy whole games much more than player's handsome in face or sexy body. That sure if meet some boring games, these kind benefits are claimed! Hahahahaaaa
But I know most of girls aren't enjoy with it. As one of above girls said World Cup is only once every four years, let's try your best to enjoy it with your partner or guys. It really keep the people together!
How's your comment for football?

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